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Четыре проекта из Самарской области получили поддержку Фонда содействия инновациям

Four projects from the Samara region received support from the Innovation Promotion Fund

The Fund for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere (Innovation Assistance Fund - FSI) summed up the results of the competitive selection of innovative projects. Among the winners are four projects from the Samara region. The total amount of grants allocated for their development is 36.8 million rubles.

Governor Dmitry Azarov pays special attention to the development of high-tech companies. For this, all the necessary conditions are being created in the region, the national project «Small and Medium Enterprises» is being actively implemented.

«We are constantly improving regional measures to support high-tech and innovative projects, creating opportunities for our developers to attract federal instruments, including concessional financing and grant support. We actively help startups in finding potential investors and reaching customers represented by large companies and state corporations», – said Dmitry Bogdanov, Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region.

A total of 240 applications from 50 subjects of Russia were received for the FSI competition under the «Commercialization» program. Of these, the expert jury recommended 84 applications for financing, including three from the Samara region - these are residents of the «Zhiguli Valley» Technopark LLC Prommeteks, LLC NPP AVIS and LLC SmileRoom Franchising.

Prommeteks LLC with the project «Introduction of new materials, equipment and technologies for painting products used in machine and shipbuilding» will receive a grant in the amount of 3.8 million rubles for the implementation of its project.

According to Akhnaf Garifullin, Director General of Prommeteks, the grant will be directed to certification of paint and varnish and bioprotective coatings developed by the company on the basis of «green» technologies. Part of the funds will be used to purchase high-tech equipment.

LLC NPP AVIS with the project «Development of new bird protection devices for power systems in Russia and abroad» will receive funding in the amount of 10 million rubles. Bird protection devices are widely used in the power grid complex - in particular, on overhead power lines, because. increase the reliability and fault tolerance of networks. With the grant funds, the company expects to purchase high-tech equipment to localize the production of components at its own enterprise and reduce their cost.

A grant in the amount of 20 million rubles will also be received by SmileRoom Franchising LLC with the project «Scaling up the Russian production of dental consumables for cosmetic teeth whitening». The company, which began as a local Samara enterprise, today has more than 130 representative offices from the Crimea to Sakhalin. The company's share is up to 35% of the Russian market of kits for home teeth whitening, which is planned to be increased in the coming years.

The competition «Start-Digital Technologies-1» was held as part of the implementation of the federal project «Digital Technologies» of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation». Out of 112 applications received from 41 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, only 16 applications received recommendations for funding, including one from our region.

The project of innovator Dmitry Letin «Development of a universal Internet video service for distance education based on augmented reality algorithms» will receive funding in the amount of three million rubles. The grant will provide the first stage in the development of a video service that, in addition to distance learning, can be effectively used to organize subject Olympiads and championships, entrance exams, tutoring and other educational activities.