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Строительство завода по добыче и розливу пресной экологически чистой воды
Construction of a plant for the extraction and bottling of fresh environmentally friendly water
Time frame: 2019-2022 years Investment: 1 361 million rubles

Production of bottled table drinking mineral water, classic lemonades, juices and juice-containing drinks. Improving the food safety of the region's products at the system level, innovative development of the food industry in the Samara region.

Проект по строительству ветропарков нового поколения
Project for the introduction of new generation wind turbines
Time frame: 2020-2022 years Investment:

The main idea of ​​the project is to introduce a new generation of wind power plants that generate electricity by converting the energy of powerful ascending air flows generated in a vertical wind tunnel of a special profile. As part of the project, 52 (fifty-two) wind turbines with a total capacity of 236.6 MW will be built on the territory of the Krasnoarmeysky district of the Samara region, united by a power transmission infrastructure with the output of the generated power to the unified power system of the MES Volga. In addition, access roads with a hard surface and junctions to existing regional roads will be built in the form of related infrastructure.

Создание туристического комплекса ЭКО-ОТЕЛЬ *RRodnik* by *ALEKIANN
The creation of the tourist complex ECO-HOTEL *RRodnik* by *ALEKIANN*
Time frame: 2021-2024 years Investment: 375 million rubles

The creation of the tourist complex ECO-HOTEL *RRodnik* by *ALEKIANN*, located on the territory of the Klyavlinsky municipal district of the Samara region, involves the creation on the territory of the existing tourist base with trout ponds of a modern, convenient and sought-after SPA complex by the residents of the Samara region, not inferior to the best domestic counterparts in a beautiful , an ecologically clean and picturesque place in the Samara region. It is planned to build a SPA complex with a total area of ​​1750 sq.m., of which 1300 sq.m. – a two-story building, in which there are: 12 living rooms of 20.7 sq.m., parking for 24 cars, reception, swimming pool 8 x 20 meters, a cafe for 36 people with a kitchen, a conference room, two saunas, a hammam, medical rooms , coaching and support facilities.

Модернизация молочного комплекса "Радна"
Modernization of the dairy complex "Radna"
Time frame: 2020-2023 years Investment: 347 million rubles

Modernization and development of the dairy complex "RADNA" for the maintenance and breeding of dairy cattle

Строительство зернового портового элеватора ООО "ДСК "Самарский"
Construction of a grain port elevator. LLC "DSK "Samarsky"
Time frame: 2020-2023 years Investment: 1941,8 million rubles

Construction of a grain port elevator. LLC DSK Samarsky plans to create a terminal for transshipment and storage of grain with a capacity of 100,000 tons in the grain-producing region of the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation - in the south-west of the Samara region in the Volga region of the village of Privolzhye.

Медицинский центр «Мерит Мед»
Merit Med Medical Center
Time frame: 2021-2024 years Investment: 145,3 million rubles

Establishment of a medical and diagnostic department in Novokuibyshevsk, Samara region, Merit Med involves the construction of a medical diagnostic center to provide medical services to the population. The project presents a radiology department (X-ray department), which will be located in its own premises.

Строительство комплекса по производству и переработке мяса птицы в Самарской области
Construction of a poultry production and processing complex in the Samara Region
Time frame: 9 years Investment: 21,298 billion rubles

As part of the project, it is planned to build a closed-circle poultry complex with a capacity of 75,000 tons of poultry meat per year. The poultry complex will produce chilled and frozen products made of poultry meat, as well as carcasses, dressing products, by-products and products of deep processing. Construction and installation works. Selection of options for further financing of the project is currently in progress.

Строительство животноводческого комплекса КРС «Старое Резяпкино» на 3 550 коров и площадок для выращивания молодняка КРС молочных пород на 5 100 голов
Construction of the cattle breeding complex "Staroe Rezyapkino" for 3,550 cows and sites for growing young cattle of dairy breeds (5,100 head of cattle)
Time frame: 2020-2024 Investment: 4.605 billion rubles

Construction of the cattle breeding complex "Staroe Rezyapkino" for 3,550 cows and sites for growing young cattle of dairy breeds (5,100 head of cattle). Project funding is being sought

Строительство Экотехнопарка "Зелененький"
Construction of a high-load solid municipal waste landfill and the Zelenenky waste sorting complex
Time frame: Investment: RUB 1562,1 mln

In April 2020, the first phase of the waste sorting complex was commissioned. Currently, design and survey work is underway to implement the second stage of the waste sorting complex and the construction of a waste disposal facility; commissioning of the second stage is scheduled for December 2021.

Расширение сети АЗС ПАО "Татнефть" в Самарской области в период с 2017 по 2022 год
Expansion of the network of gas stations of PJSC TATNEFT in the Samara Region from 2017 to 2022
Time frame: 2017-2022 Investment: 1.88 billion rubles

Modernization of existing gas stations is in progress. Construction is currently underway at 5 facilities: Gas station №533 in the Krasnoyarsky municipal district of the Samara region - stage 1 construction is completed, stage 2 construction – in progress. Gas station №534 in the city district of Syzran – retrofitting is in progress; Gas station in the city district of Novokuibyshevsk - construction is in progress. Gas station in the city district of Pokhvistnevo - construction is completed; Gas station near the urban-type settlement of Smyshlyaevka in the Volzhsky Municipal District of the Samara Region – construction is in progress

Реконструкция и оснащение филиала и/или здания ГБУЗ «Самарская стоматологическая поликлиника № 2»
Reconstruction and equipment of the branch and / or building of the Samara Dental Clinic No. 2 GBUZ
Time frame: 49 years Investment: 163 million rubles

Строительство комплекса для пляжных видов спорта,  г.о. Самара
Construction of a complex for beach sports, Samara
Time frame: Investment: 308 million rubles

Design and survey work is underway

Строительство футбольного комплекса  «Раскат»
Construction of the football complex "Raskat", Samara
Time frame: Investment: 179 million rubles

Construction at the final stage

Реконструкция молочной фермы в Сызранском районе Самарской области
Reconstruction of a dairy farm in the Syzran district of the Samara Region
Time frame: 49 years Investment: 156,7 million rubles

Создание и эксплуатация железной дороги для обеспечения деятельности ОЭЗ ППТ Тольятти
Construction and operation of the railway to ensure the activities of the SEZ PPT Togliatti
Time frame: 15 years Investment: RUB 910,6 mln

 Реконструкция и модернизация объектов систем теплоснабжения и горячего водоснабжения,  м.р. Красноярский
Reconstruction and modernization of objects of heat supply systems and hot water supply, Krasnoyarsky municipal district
Time frame: 20 years Investment: RUB 109,825 mln

Модернизация объектов систем холодного водоснабжения и (или) водоотведения,  г.о. Самара
Modernization of facilities for cold water supply and (or) sanitation, Samara
Time frame: 28 years Investment: 17,22 million rubles

Модернизация объектов теплоснабжения и горячего водоснабжения, г.о. Кинель
Modernization of heat supply and hot water supply facilities, Kinel
Time frame: 20 years Investment: 79,15 mln RUB

Освоение производства прицепных сельскохозяйственных машин (сеялок прямого и мульчированного посева, высокопроизводительных опрыскивателей, дисковых борон)
Mastering the production of trailed agricultural machines (direct and mulched seeders, high-performance sprayers, disc harrows)
Time frame: 2015-2020 Investment: 0,209 billion rubles

Производство стартерных аккумуляторов: разработка, освоение нового стационарного тягового аккумулятора с целью увеличения объемов производства и импортозамещения на рынках АКБ в различных областях техники
Production of starter batteries: development, development of a new stationary traction battery in order to increase production and import substitution in the battery markets in various fields of technology
Time frame: 2015-2020 Investment: 1, 214 billion rubles

In 2016, the serial production of the EFB battery was mastered. In 2019, the serial production of the AGM battery was mastered. In 2020, the serial production of the GEL battery was launched.

Модернизация действующих и строительство новых технологических установок в АО "Новокуйбышевский НПЗ", АО "Куйбышевский НПЗ", АО "Сызранский НПЗ" и ООО "Новокуйбышевский завод масел и присадок"
Modernization of existing and construction of new technological units at JSC Novokuybyshevsky Oil Refinery, JSC Kuibyshevsky Oil Refinery, JSC Syzransky Oil Refinery and LLC Novokuybyshevsky Oil and Additives Plant
Time frame: 2009-2023 Investment: 590,800 billion rubles

By 2022, the following facilities are planned to be put into operation: in JSC "Kuibyshev Oil Refinery" – a vacuum gas oil hydrotreatment unit and a sulfuric acid alkylation unit; in JSC Novokuibyshevsky Oil Refinery - large-capacity hydrocracking complex and AUTH installation; in JSC "Syzran Refinery" - a large-capacity catalytic cracking complex, a diesel fuel hydrotreatment complex, a sulfur production unit and a hydrogen sulfide purification unit; in LLC “Novokuibyshevsky oil and additives plant” - a large-capacity complex of hydraulic processes.

Реконструкция агрегатов аммиака с увеличением мощности аммиака до 12 200 т/сут.
Reconstruction of ammonia aggregates with an increase in ammonia capacity up to 12,200 tons / day.
Time frame: 2012-2020 Investment: RUB 13, 093 bln

Строительство жилого комплекса "Экодолье-Самара"
Construction of the residential complex "Ecodolie-Samara"
Time frame: 2011-2030 Investment: 12,346 billion rubles

Создание автодорожных телекоммуникационных сетей в Российской Федерации (Самарская область)
Creation of road telecommunication networks in the Russian Federation (Samara Region)
Time frame: 2015-2032 years Investment: 1528,3 million rubles

Work continues on the construction of LCS within the boundaries of municipal districts in the Samara region. Construction has begun on federal roads in the Samara region. On the section of the highway M-5 "Ural" (Tolyatti-Syzran). The total length of the facilities built in the Samara region is: 1,200.493 km.

Развитие АО "Племенной завод "Кряж"
Development of JSC "Tribal Plant" Kryazh "
Time frame: 2016-2023 years Investment: 837 million rubles

In 2021, work was completed to put agricultural land into circulation on a total area of 1300 hectares. Design work has been completed and design documentation for the livestock complex has been developed.

Создание производства механизмов рулевого управления реечного типа с гидроусилителем для легковых и легких коммерческих автомобилей
Creation of the production of rack and pinion steering gears for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
Time frame: 2015-2025 Investment: 0,850 billion rubles

Implementation of the project for the production of steering mechanisms for the new RENAULT-NISSAN-AVTOVAZ platform with the phased localization of steering components is in progress. Production preparation, purchase and installation of equipment is in progress. Deliveries to PJSC AVTOVAZ are scheduled to start in 2022.

Развитие сети АЗС ПАО «Татнефть» в Самарской области
Development of PJSC “Tatneft” filling station chain in the Samara region
Time frame: 2017-2022 Investment: 1.88 billion rubles

The facilities of filling stations will be equipped with the modern engineering systems: mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation, power supply, automation system of engineering equipment, fire alarm, video surveillance, air conditioning.

Создание производства моющих, чистящих и дезинфицирующих средств
Creation of the production of detergents, cleaners and disinfectants
Time frame: 2019-2029 Investment: 8,4 million rubles

The aim of the project is to provide consumers of professional and household chemicals in the Samara Region with high-quality, inexpensive detergents, cleaning and disinfectants by creating a modern full-cycle production.

Строительство жилого комплекса "Южный город"
Construction of the residential complex "Southern City"
Time frame: 2013-2030 Investment: 170,000 billion rubles

Строительство сети автомобильных газонаполнительных компрессорных станций (АГНКС) на территории Самарской области
Construction of a network of automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG filling stations) in the Samara Region
Time frame: 2015-2017 Investment: 1,000 billion rubles

Land management and design and survey work was carried out on the sites of future CNG filling stations. Project design is in progress.

Строительство завода по производству сыра в г. о.Тольятти
Construction of a cheese factory in Togliatti
Time frame: 2018-2024 Investment: 11 203 million rubles

The concept of the investment project provides for the creation of one of the largest factories for the production of hard, creamy, curd and other types of cheese

Создание животноводческого комплекса, состоящего из трех ферм и цеха по переработке молока
Construction of a livestock complex consisting of three farms and a milk processing workshop
Time frame: 2018-2022 Investment: 5,239 billion rubles

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to build three dairy farms for 3,600 feed cows with a complete cycle of growing heifers and with a line for processing milk into final dairy products.

Строительство завода по производству керамогранитной плитки в рамках импортозамещения
Ceramic Granite Tile Plant within the Import Replacement Program
Time frame: 2016-2021 Investment: 4 032 million rubles

The goal of the project is to create the largest Russian production site for the manufacturing of ceramic granite tiles on the territory of the Special Economic Zone “Togliatti”. In November 2016, “Ceramogranite KEDA” LLC signed up the agreement of production activities on the territory of SEZ “Togliatti” and became its official resident.

Интеграция магистральных телекоммуникационных сетей в автодорожную инфраструктуру Российской Федерации. Первый этап - на территории Самарской области
Integration of backbone telecommunication networks into the road infrastructure of the Russian Federation. The first stage is on the territory of the Samara region
Time frame: 2016-2022 Investment: 1 900 million rubles

Implementation of the project includes the construction of fiber-optic communication lines in cable line facilities of transport multichannel communications. The project is aimed at the development of an intelligent transportation system that integrates security systems and information services for road users.