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Производство стильной и качественной мебели M-One Мебель
Manufacture of stylish and high-quality furniture M-One Furniture
Time frame: 2022-2024 Investment: 52,7 million rubles

Production of stylish and high-quality furniture, instead of imported brands. - LUXE furniture and accessories for it: metal, glass or wood are made from one material at the request of the customer. - LOFT furniture and accessories: exclusive furniture made of quality materials in the Loft style, which you will not find in stores. - CUSTOM furniture is made according to the shape and requirements of the customer using the highest quality materials.

Серийный выпуск и реализация электронного комплекса, предназначенного для снижения затрат на топлива "ВИАС"
Serial production and sale of an electronic complex designed to reduce fuel costs
Time frame: 2023-2024 Investment: 144 million rubles

Production, installation and maintenance of special equipment (Electronic complex "VIAS") that increases the efficiency of internal combustion engines.

Создание производства современных транспортных средств на электротяге "Экотранслайн"
Establishment of the production of modern electric vehicles "Ecotransline"
Time frame: 2023-2027 Investment: 1 300 million rubles

Establishment of a Pilot Industrial Enterprise for the development of new models and the manufacture of small-scale batches of electric vehicles (production capacity up to 1200 units per year) at the site of the Industrial Park "TOGLYATTISINTEZ" in Togliatti.

Центр активного отдыха «Волжская сказка»
Center for active recreation "Volzhskaya skazka"
Time frame: 2023-2026 Investment: 3 642,5 million rubles

Creation of a year-round active recreation center in the suburbs of Syzran.

systems of trails and cable cars, as well as infrastructure for serving visitors (places of accommodation, catering points (cafes, restaurants), shops, service centers, day and night parking lots).

The total number of jobs created is 82.

The implementation of the investment project is planned sequentially, in 4 stages

Создание антикинотеатра CinemaBar Хауз
Creation of anti-cinema CinemaBar House
Time frame: Investment: 6,33 million rubles

- Anticinema with 7 cinema halls (2 halls from 20 sq.m. to 30 sq.m. and 5 halls from 15 sq.m. to 20 sq.m.)
A separate room with an area of 300 sq.m. for mass film screenings, behind-the-scenes theatrical performances, karaoke, stand-up, parties, presentations, art exhibitions, master classes, social projects, sports tournaments, bars.

Investment proposal
1) Debt financing
2) Equity participation is acceptable when scaling the project (for example, opening 3-5 branches in Samara)

Организация производства инновационного материала-полуфабриката "Рулон Бетон®", сопутствующих производств и сервисов
Organization of production of innovative material-semi-finished product "Roll Beton®", related industries and services
Time frame: 4 years Investment: 239 million rubles

The essence of the project is to create a federal-scale project on the territory of the Tolyatti monotown - the production of innovative semi-finished material RollBeton and FormaBeton, associated, the largest in the region, the production of dry building cement mixtures and basalt, glass mesh fabrics The project involves the construction (reconstruction) of the production base.

Мобильная станция для очистки эксплуатационных и восстановления отработанных энергетических масел МСРМ-1
Mobile station for cleaning operational and recovery of waste energy oils MSRM-1
Time frame: Investment: 6 million rubles

Mobile station for cleaning operational and recovery of waste energy oils MSRM-1
MSRM-1 is made in the form of a container with oil-cleaning equipment, transported by a vehicle with a carrying capacity of 8-10 tons, it can both clean operating oils from mechanical impurities and water, as well as adsorption treatment and recovery of used energy oils to the STO requirements for operating oils, in subsidiaries of PJSC Gazprom, at thermal power plants and enterprises operating energy oils.

Производство мясокостной и кровяной муки, технического жира. Утилизация биологических отходов
Production of meat and bone meal and blood meal, technical fat. Disposal of biological waste
Time frame: 8 years Investment: 300 Million RUB

Production of meat and bone meal and blood meal, technical fat. Disposal of biological waste General information about the project The project concept provides for the reconstruction of the activities of CJSC VSUZ "Sergievsky" to increase production and sales volumes. It is planned to increase the capacity of the enterprise by purchasing additional technological lines for processing raw materials and reconstructing production areas. The nomenclature of commercial products consists of meat and bone meal, blood meal and technical fat. In addition, the organization provides services for the disposal of biological waste. Experience in this field and knowledge of the market situation shows that the demand for such products is at a high level, so the management of JSC VSUZ "Sergievsky" decided to increase the volume of activities, which is appropriate and justified at this time period. The development of this business line is characterized by a high degree of profitability growth and return on investment in the project. Suppliers of raw materials: Potential suppliers of raw materials are all livestock farms of the Samara region, since almost no one has their own capacities for waste disposal. As experience shows, there are no problems with raw materials. This is the case of poultry, cattle, and mainly pigs. Development prospects: - Increase in production volumes; - Expansion of the sales territory; In the course of the project, constant marketing activities will be carried out to analyze the market and identify new relevant areas of development. Project support: The loan will be secured by land plots and structures owned by CJSC VSUZ "Sergievsky", as well as technological equipment purchased.

Мясоперерабатывающий комбинат - продажа доли в действующем бизнесе
Meat processing plant
Time frame: Investment: 57 million rubles

A large Russian manufacturer of sausages and semi-finished products, as well as a variety of meat delicacies. The company took its start in 2015 in the city of Samara and is actively developing to this day with sales throughout the Russian Federation.

The company has repeatedly become a participant and nominee of the competition "100 Best Goods of Russia", the Russian Agro-Industrial Exhibition "Golden Autumn", the "National Prize in the field of import substitution", the international competition "Best Product", the specialized competition "Quality Test", etc.

Investment proposal
The investor / co-investor is offered a yield of 14-20% per annum on the amount of investments.
Equity financing (acquisition of a share from 50%).
Various options for participation are being considered.

Производство кормовых добавок
Production of feed additives
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 5-9 million rubles

The essence of the project is the production of a feed additive and the sale of this additive on the Russian market and on the European market.

Цех сушки пивных дрожжей
Brewer's yeast drying workshop
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 40 million rubles

The essence of the project is the processing of brewing waste into a feed additive. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to build a workshop for the processing of brewery waste

АСНЭО – Автономная Система Независимого Энергообеспечения
Creation of ASNEO - Autonomous System of Independent Power Supply
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 0.425 bln rubles

The essence of this project is the introduction of new generation wind turbines that generate electricity by converting powerful air flows generated in a vertical wind tunnel of a special profile.

Строительство многофункционального медицинского центра
Construction of a multifunctional medical center
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 1.25 billion rubles

The main idea of the project is to create the first multifunctional center in Russia, which will meet the challenges of modern healthcare and implement the concept of exporting medical services and medical tourism

Cоздание биотерапевтического препарата hDll4-hFc (Ангиогеноцепт) для лечения ишемии нижних конечностей, синдрома диабетической стопы и некоторых других заболеваний
Creation of a biotherapeutic drug hDll4-raz (Angiogenocept) for the treatment of lower limb ischemia, diabetic foot syndrome and some other diseases
Time frame: 7 years Investment: 782 million rubles

The creation is dedicated to the creation of a drug that stimulates micro-angiogenesis in ischemic tissues and is intended for the treatment of a wide range of ischemic diseases and some types of cancer.

Строительство воздухоразделительной установки
Construction of an air separation unit
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 340 million rubles

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to build a production line for the production of liquid oxygen

Конвертопланы с реактивным приводом ротора WASP-500
Converters with a jet rotor drive WASP-500
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 120 million rubles

WASP tiltroplanes are aircraft with a rotary complex propulsion system based on jet thrust, the design of which allows taking off and landing like a helicopter and flying like an airplane.

Создание автономной системы энергообеспеченности
Creation of an autonomous energy supply system
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 425 million rubles

The main idea of the project is to introduce a new generation of wind power plants that generate electricity by converting the energy of powerful ascending air flows formed in a vertical wind tunnel of a special profile

Создание животноводческо-растениеводческого комплекса в Борском районе Самарской области
Creation of a livestock and plant growing complex in the Borsky district of the Samara Region
Time frame: 8 years Investment: 3 500 mln rubles

The essence of the project is the parallel development of two agricultural areas, separated into separate business processes (blocks): crop production (commercial and feed crop rotation), animal husbandry.

Организация литейного производства заготовок трубной формы для  комплектующих  забойных телеметрических систем ЗТС, винтовых забойных двигателей (ВЗД), подшипников, методом полунепрерывного высокоточного вертикального литья
Organization of foundry production of pipe-shaped blanks for components of downhole telemetry systems of ZTS, screw downhole motors( VZD), bearings, by the method of semi-continuous high-precision vertical casting
Time frame: 3 years Investment: 35 million rubles

The project is aimed at the development of foundry technologies and the organization of production of pipe blanks of components and power elements of ZTS, MWD, VZD, by the method of semi-continuous vertical casting with destructive rods made of stainless non-magnetic high-strength steels and blanks of components, pumps of ESN, CNS, by the method of vacuum film casting from stainless steels.

Организация производства автоматизированных автономных аппаратно-программных комплексов «АПК-Волга», адаптированных к использованию с забойными комплексами  ЗТС| MWD и предназначенных для оперативного контроля и  управления бурением скважин
Organization of production of automated autonomous hardware and software complexes "APK-Volga", adapted for use with downhole complexes ZTS| MWD and designed for operational control and management of well drilling
Time frame: 3 years Investment: 40 million rubles

The project is aimed at digitalization in the oil and gas industry and the organization of mass production of Autonomous Complexes (APK-Volga) for monitoring and managing the construction of wells, including as part of "remote" Drilling Control Centers (DCS)

Комплексное развитие горнолыжной базы "Чайка"
Integrated development of the ski base "The Seagull"
Time frame: 5 years Investment: 343,51 million rubles

Строительство нового корпуса к главному зданию  ГБУ СО «Самарский областной геронтологический центр»
Construction of a geriatric center
Time frame: 16-24 years Investment: 375 million rubles

Project background During the project, it is planned to provide elderly citizens with social services in a stationary form: the organization of high-quality care, good nutrition, stable material and household support. The project is aimed at improving the quality of life of recipients of social services by increasing the number of beds in the institution (by 120 beds).

Создание производства по роспуску и фасовке меда
Creation of production for the dissolution and packaging of honey
Time frame: 3 years Investment: 14,5 million rubles

Строительство здания речного вокзала
Construction of the river station building
Time frame: 1 year Investment: 692 million rubles

The concept of the project provides for the creation of a citywide structure designed to serve passengers of river transport with a capacity of 700 people / hour THE CAPACITY OF THE RIVER STATION (PROJECT) is 700 people / hour maximum capacity of 300 seats waiting room with 132 seats restaurant 51 parking space underground parking

Создание горнолыжного комплекса на горе Отважная
Ski resort on Otvazhnaya mountain
Time frame: 7,2 years Investment: RUB 1948 mln

The aim of the project is to create conditions in the city district of Zhigulevsk for active, family and recreation, as well as the development of domestic tourism.

Строительство жилого комплекса ФОРТУНА в границах улиц пр.Кирова/ул.Вольская/ул.Каховская/ул.Свободы
Construction of the FORTUNA residential complex within the boundaries of the streets of Kirova Ave. / Volskaya St. / Kakhovskaya St. / Svobody St.
Time frame: 8 years Investment: 1500 million rubles

The project provides for the preparation of the territory of the quarter within the streets of Kirova Ave. / Volskaya St. / Kakhovskaya St. / Svobody St. for the construction of multi-storey housing and the actual construction and sale on the open market of new residential and non-residential premises.

Инновационный круизно-туристический проект «Парусный флот»
Innovative Cruise and Tourism Project “Sailing Fleet”
Time frame: 5 years Investment: RUB 34 mln

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to create a new cruise and tourist product based on short-term tours (3-4 days) on historical sailing ships along the Zhiguli Circumnavigation route.

Создание туристско-рекреационного кластера
Creation of a tourist and recreational cluster
Time frame: 5,5 years Investment: 2679 bln rubles

The main goal of the project is to create tourist and recreational cluster consisting of 12 objects: an entrance lobby, a museum complex "Samarskaya Luka", a Keremet Park, a hotel complex (Park inn Belogorie 4 * hotel with 219 rooms), a children's park, a horse farm, a complex of national residential buildings, a farm economy, craft settlement, festival glade, miller's house, dugouts

Строительство завода по производству пектина, инулина, пищевых волокон и инсулиносодержащего сиропа в Самарской области
Creation of production of standardized pectin, medical pectin and dietary fiber
Time frame: 5 years Investment: 1 472,6 million rubles

The project envisages the construction of a waste-free pectin production plant with predicted structure, chemical composition and properties.

Создание логистического центра
Creation of a logistics center
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 1 018 million rubles

The favorable geographical location of the region determines the efficiency of the investment project implementation. The investment proposal presents the possibility of building and organizing a logistics center. Investment proposal: Construction of a logistics complex with a total area of 21516 m2 Renting out areas of 1000 m2 at a price of 490 rubles / m2 per month Project financing. Consent to finance Sberbank received Attracting a co-investor - yes. Cooperation is possible with the PRC and the EU countries

Создание транспортно-логистического центра на территории Самарской области
Construction of transport and logistics center in Syzran (the Samara Region)
Time frame: 8.2 years Investment: 7.67 billion rubles

Transport and logistics center (TLC) - "dry port" - a place within the territory of the region with a logistics center connected to one or more modes of transport, intended for processing, temporary storage and legally required inspection of goods transported in the process of international trade, and the implementation of applicable customs control functions and formalities.

Завод по производству минеральной ваты «WOOLMAX»
Plant for the production of mineral wool "WOOLMAX"
Time frame: 5 years Investment: 2 226 million rubles

The essence of the project is to bring new, high-quality, eco-friendly products to the Russian construction materials market at an affordable price to obtain and maximize profits from the sale of manufactured products. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to build a plant for the production of mineral wool with a capacity of 36,000 tons per year. Mineral wool is used in almost all construction sites, which confirms the demand for this material in the construction market. The company's performance targets are the sale of products on the construction market in Russia in the segment of mineral-cotton insulation with a market share of 1.2%. When this indicator is reached, WOOLMAX plans to expand its own products to the markets of the CIS countries-Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus.

Производство связующих и лаков
Production of binders and varnishes
Time frame: 3-5 months Investment: RUB 14,29 mln

The project involves the opening of the production of binders and varnishes in Togliatti.

Implementation of the project will make it possible to earn high profits, satisfy the needs of foundries in modern domestic binding products.

Строительство завода по переработке ТКО
Construction of a MSW processing plant
Time frame: 5 years Investment: RUB 503 mln

The project involves the creation of a specialized organization for the processing / recycling of medical waste, slag, industrial waste, oil sludge (mass yield from oil content), waste oils, fuel oil, rubber goods (used tires) and the production of raw materials for future use

Сохранение комплекса «Технический музей им. К.Г.Сахарова» и создание на его базе военно-патриотического парка
Creation of an interactive park-museum based on technical museum named after K.G. Sakharov
Time frame: 3 years Investment: 700 million rubles

Project background Current status Operation of the Park Complex of the History of Technology named after K.G. Sakharov is carried out by the municipal autonomous cultural institution of the city district of Togliatti “Park complex of the history of technology named after K.G. Sakharov ". During the period of 2018-2020 the park complex was visited by 877 excursion groups, more than 570 thousand people.

Строительство завода по переработке молока мощностью 200 тонн в сутки в Самарской области
Construction of a milk processing plant with the daily capacity of 200 tons in the Samara region
Time frame: 2 years Investment: 700 million rubles

The project involves the construction of a modern production of dairy products. The raw milk will be delivered from the existing high-tech dairy unit of the initiator.

Создание молочного комплекса на 2500 голов дойного стада в Богатовском районе Самарской области
Establishment of a diary unit for a milking herd of 2500 animals in Bogatovsky district of the Samara region
Time frame: 9,3 years Investment: 2 269 million rubles

Project background Production of high-grade raw milk, as well as by-products (beef, crop products). Availability of land plots for the production of crop products and the location of the production and technical base. The concept of the project implementation implies the parallel development of two agricultural areas, separated into separate business processes (blocks): crop production (commercial crop rotation and fodder crop rotation) and animal husbandry. It is planned to build a dairy cattle breeding complex for 2,400 heads of dairy herds on the territory of the Borsky District. The production capacity of the complex is 20 400 tons of milk per year. During the implementation of the project, more than 8.5 thousand hectares of land plots have been consolidated, agricultural processing is underway, a production base has been organized and personnel is recruited.