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Investment memorandum

An investor implementing an investment project worth 300 million rubles or more on the territory of the Samara Region has the right to conclude an investment memorandum with the Government of the Samara Region.

When concluding an investment memorandum, an investor is appointed a state curator and granted most favored nation treatment, including assistance in resolving procedural issues of organizing a business in the Samara region, organizing and presenting investment projects.

Cooperation Agreement

The cooperation agreement defines the agreement of the parties on the procedure for cooperation in the implementation of an investment project or business development in the Samara region.

The agreement defines the directions of cooperation between the parties in the manner and on the terms stipulated by the current legislation, within the competence of the parties in the implementation of a set of agreed measures for the development of bilateral relations, including information interaction and organizational assistance to each other.

Постановление Правительства Самарской области от 18 сентября 2014 года № 582(.pdf)