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Samarskaya Luka National Park

28, Komsomolskaya St, Zhigulevsk
This is a unique area created by the bend of the largest European river Volga in its middle flow and the Usinsky creek. Unmatched land forms, particular domestic climate, admirable beauty of the hills, the blue necklace of the Volga river outlining those hills, the unique flora and fauna made Zhiguli and Samarskaya Luka famous all over the world. The national Park offers a wide variety of exciting tourist routs and fascinating excursions, where you can enjoy all the beauty of this natural reserve.

Saharov Park of Technic History

137, Yuzhnoe Shosse St, Togliatti
This is not only the museum of technical and technological items of the Soviet industry of the XX century, but the entertainment city park with simulators and attractions, and all that makes this complex a place for family educational rest. In 2015 the Saharov complex got the second position in nomination “The best site for event tourism – natural recreation areas”.

Stalin’s Bunker

167, Frunze St, Samara
The Stalin’s Bunker is the common name for the defence construction in Samara built as a reserve location for the USSR Commander-in-Chief Iosiv Stalin. It is located at a depth of 37 meters. It was built in 1942. Today it is very popular among tourists and citizens and offers an incredible excursion program.

Samara Space Museum and Exhibition Centre

21, Lenina St., Samara
This museum is one of the youngest museums in Samara. It was officially opened on April 12th, 2001 in the year of the 45th anniversary of Samara space engineering. In the first year of its operation this museum became one of the winners of the “Samara Region Touristic Brand” competition and became an essential part of the city and regional excursion routes. The original “Soyuz” rocket carrier decorates its frontage. This is the only fully assembled rocket carrier in Europe installed vertically

Samara Art Museum

92, Kuybyshev St, Samara
It is one of the biggest museums of Russian province. It is the oldest and the most prestigious exhibition site in the Samara region. The museum was built at the beginning of the XX century, it is one of the most beautiful and well-known buildings in Samara and has the status of architectural heritage of federal importance. It is located in the historical district of the city. Today the museum collection includes more than 35 thousand items of the period from the end of XVI to beginning of ХХI. The museum’s crown jewel is the art works by the maîtres of Russian Arts Aivazovsky, Bryullov, Repin, Surikov, Shishkin, Kuindgy, Levitan, Serov, Korovin, Malevich, Rozanova. The main exhibition is harmoniously integrated into the building interiors.

Modern Museum

159, Frunze St, Samara
Modern was one of the most favorite architectural styles in Samara. No wonder that the only Russian Modern Museum was founded in Samara. It is located in the former city residence of merchant Alexander Kurlin and his wife Alexandra. The residence is rightfully considered to be the best building of modern style in Samara, architect Alexander Zelenko invested all of his talent and experience into this building. The Kurlins’ Residence built in 1903 became a unique embodiment of Russian Modern together with the Ryabyshinskys’ residence in Moscow.

Gorky Samara Literature Museum

155, Frunze St, Samara
The city residence of Maxim Gorky built in the second half of ХIХ century (the date of construction is 1881-1882) is a landmark of the Samara history. At the end of 1899 it was bought by Alexey Bostrom, the step-father of the famous writer Alexey Tolstoy. In January 1983 a museum was opened in the memorial house, on the occasion of centenary of the birth of Tolstoy. Today the residence is the united museum complex with the main buildings preserved: two houses, the outbuilding and onstead.

Lenin Museum House

131, Leninskaya St, Samara
The Lenin Museum House in Samara is located in the building with a status of historic building of federal importance. The museum was opened for visiting on January 3, 1940, and today it offers the exhibition “The Ulyanovs’ family apartment in Samara in 1890-1893”, that reconstructs the furniture and atmosphere of family life of the Russian intellectual class in the last quarter of XIX century.

Samara Football Museum

148, Molodogvardeiskaya St, Samara.
The Museum Center has the original design: besides the traditional museum exposition it comprises the fragments of football stadium, goalposts, synthetic turf, picturesque pieces of art and photos, thematic installations. The main part of the museum exposition is devoted to the “Krylya Sovietov” football club (was founded in 1942). The Samara football that commemorated the 100 anniversary in 2011, is also represented in the histories of other teams: Kuybyshev “Lokomotiv” and “Metallurg”, “Dinamo”, Togliatti “Lada”, Samara “Unita”, “Syzran-2003” and Jury Konoplyov Academy in Primorsky town.