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Приглашаем принять участие в бизнес-интенсиве технопарка "Жигулевская долина"


We invite you to take part in the business-intensive of the Zhiguli Valley Technology park

On October 29, the center of business activity in the region - the Zhiguli Valley Technology park invites You to take part in a series of educational events for entrepreneurs.

The format of the intensive implies extensive speeches by speakers, only practical advice from leading business trainers of the Open University of Skolkovo and the region, namely:

- How to create your first startup?

- Opportunities of the Skolkovo Open University to support youth entrepreneurial projects;

-What is better: to realize your ideas or others?

-Pros and cons of employment and entrepreneurial activity;

- Charismatic speaker: instruments of influence;

-Development of entrepreneurial patterns of behavior - what do successful entrepreneurs do and how do they behave;

-Art of beautiful victories in business.

The event will include a 2-day educational course for the head of the school of oratory Ruslan Khomenko and professional sales coach Yevgeny Bozhko: “Oratory: communication and influence” and “Improving sales efficiency”.

In addition, you will learn about the support programs of the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation, the benefits of residents of the Zhiguli Valley and Skolkovo technoparks, you can get advice on obtaining resident status.

Participation in all events is free, the number of seats is limited!

Mandatory registration and a detailed program of the event -

The organizers of the large-scale event in the Samara region are the Zhiguli Valley Technology park and the Skolkovo Foundation.