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Индустриальный парк «Преображенка» пополнится новым резидентом


Industrial Park «Preobrazhenka» replenished with a new resident

On December 26, 2018, an investment agreement was signed between JSC PromParki and LLC «Technologies and catalysts» on the implementation of the investment project «Production and repair facilities for specialized equipment» in the territory of Industrial Park «Preobrazhenka».

Since 2004, LLC «Technologies and catalysts» has been providing a full range of services for the maintenance of catalysts in oil refining and petrochemistry. The company's specialists have experience in maintenance of catalysts at all oil refineries in the Russian Federation, as well as at oil refineries in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania. The service offered by the company for maintenance of the catalytic systems used in the processes of oil refining and petrochemical enterprises includes the following ones:

·                    dense (uniform) loading of catalysts into reactors with the help of their own patented equipment for loading of catalysts and TEKHKAT adsorbents (Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2320526);

·                    dense loading of isomerization catalysts using TEHKAT and a home-made reactor cover, which completely eliminates the contact of the chlorinated catalyst with the moisture of the surrounding air;

·                    hose loading of catalysts;

·                    loading of support and protective layers;

·                    loading of the reaction tubes of steam reforming furnaces using their own equipment;

·                    unloading of the catalytic system from the reactors with simultaneous separation into fractions with the help of a high-capacity station for sieving of catalysts for self-propelled boilers 1.2;

·                    sulphidation of catalysts using the CarelFlex service (France) and the LEWA catalyst sulphidation station;

·                     regeneration of hydrotreating catalysts on the territory of the Russian Federation and in Europe.