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Индустриальный парк «АВТОВАЗ» модернизирует промплощадки для новых резидентов


AvtoVAZ Industrial Park modernizes industrial sites for new residents

In 2019, the total area of ready-made sites for placing production of new residents in the AvtoVAZ industrial park will double. Today this territory is 15 thousand square meters. m, and before the end of 2019, after the modernization of a number of facilities, it will reach 30 thousand square meters.

Now there are 11 active residents in the industrial park, including PJSC Sberbank, LLC Metallist-Togliatti, LLC TKZ, LLC KhM RUS, etc. Residents of the park are located on an area of 35 thousand square meters and produce a wide range of products: from automotive components to furniture, IT cables and household radiators. The park created more than 1.2 thousand jobs. At the same time, in 2019 it is planned to ensure the creation of about 450 more jobs.

The AvtoVAZ Industrial Park was established at the end of 2016. The main goal of the launch of the investment site was to create additional jobs in the city of Togliatti and leasing of areas not involved in the main production of AvtoVAZ PJSC. The park has been actively developing, transforming throughout the entire time, creating favorable conditions for the entry of new residents. The concept of the industrial park is brownfield, that is, it provides residents with ready-made production, warehouse and office premises, as well as a full range of industrial services. The use of bridge cranes, loaders, painting services, a heat treatment section is available for them.

The territory is guarded around the clock, there is a dining room and a health center. The total area of the industrial park exceeds 175 thousand square meters.

The fleet is managed by the structural unit of the car factory - "Directorate of Technical Support - Industrial Park" AvtoVAZ ". At the moment, the possibility of separating this unit into an independent legal entity is being studied, including for participation in federal and regional programs to support industrial parks.