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В Самарской области растут инвестиции в основной капитал промышленных предприятий


Investment in fixed assets of industrial enterprises grows in the Samara Region

According to the monitoring data of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the Samara Region, in the first five months of 2019, investments in fixed assets increased in a number of sectors of the regional economy. So, in the automotive industry, this figure increased by 2.5 times compared with the previous period. The growth of investments in the production of chemicals was 84%, electrical equipment - 11%, aircraft industry - 3%.

By the way, in 2018 in the Samara Region, the total investment in fixed assets amounted to about 260 billion rubles, which is 1.5% more than in 2017. According to this indicator, the region is in the top three in the Volga Federal District, along with Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. In 2018, in the Samara Region, the implementation of 15 major investment projects for a total amount of 13.5 billion rubles was completed. It was created 12 thousand new jobs - 117% compared to last year.

In total, the monitoring of the economic situation, conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the Samara Region, covered 76 large industrial enterprises of the province. 58 of them for the past period in 2019 showed a positive trend in product shipment. At the same time, in 43 enterprises, the average volume of product shipment exceeds 200 million rubles per month.