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Эффективный инструментарий от Агентства по привлечению инвестиций Самарской области


Effective toolkit from the Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region

To help potential investors the Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region prepared and published three unique information products at once. They are united by a common theme - a story about the priorities of economic development and competitive advantages of the region, innovations in investment policy, implemented projects and the current set of tax benefits and preferences for potential investors. At the same time, each publication allows to evaluate all the advantages of our region, as a territory open to investment and aimed at dynamic economic growth.

"Investment Guide of the Samara Region" provides relevant data on the basic clusters of industry in the region: automotive, petrochemical, aerospace, mechanical engineering and agriculture. The publication provides sectoral economic indicators and development prospects, the level of competence, clearly shows the industrial, human and scientific potential of the region.

“Investment proposals of the Samara Region” includes a list of investment projects ready for implementation in the sphere of industrial production, road construction and logistics, agriculture, tourism. For each project, detailed information on the tasks, implementation dates, infrastructure equipment and the necessary means for its implementation is provided. The total amount of investments attracted to these projects exceeds 16.35 billion rubles.

“The Atlas of Investment Potential of the Samara Region” summarizes information on industrial parks, special economic zones and priority development areas operating in the province; provides information on the main economic indicators, the investment capacity of each of them, provides information about the existing industry infrastructure and logistics, as well as the requirements for potential investors and the preferences provided to them.

Information products are intended for distribution to the target audience as part of industry events, electronic versions of publications will be presented on the website of the Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region.

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