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Компания «ПМ-Композит» запустила в ОЭЗ «Тольятти» тестовое производство


The “PM – Composite” has set up a production line in test mode on the territory of Togliatti SEZ

The resident of the special economic zone - PM-Composite LLC (Russia) announced the start-up of the plant in test mode. Construction of the plant began in July 2017 and was conducted at a fast pace. The building was constructed in a year and a half period on a 2 ha lot. The interior finish and installation of engineering systems were completed. The area of ​​the engineering building is 3,500 sq m, the area of the ​​administrative and the residential premises is 1,525 sq m. The equipment was delivered to the enterprise, including two hydraulic presses intended for the direct production.

The main activity of PM-Composite LLC is polymer-concrete and pressing production from the composition materials. The company has developed the authors line of kitchen sinks with the participation of the Danish designer and the pilot batch of products has been already released. Wide range of products such as kitchen and bathroom furniture, tabletops and window sills, surface trims and decor elements, as well as road signs, pedestrian fences, returnables and of course an important part of the plant’s production will be used in the automotive industry. Nowadays there are 15 employees and 128 people will be employed.

The company plans to reach their total capacity by the end of the year

Conditions created for the residents of the special economic zone allow investors to focus all their efforts, including material resources, to achieve the main goal – to set up business. Thanks to this support, we managed to build a plant in the shortest possible time. Today, the "PM-Composite" plant is a ready startup.

Modern European equipment guarantees the high quality of products. They are used in various industries: aerospace, automotive, railway, energy, construction. Most of them are represented on the territory of the Samara Region what promises a wide range of trade areas and savings on logistics costs, ”said Georgy Makarov, Chief Officer of PM-Composite LLC.

New manufacturing plant will continue the development of the chemical industry, which is already represented in the SEZ. Since 2015, “Praxair Samara” has been filling up containers with industrial and special gases. It is planned to open a plant for the production of multilayer polymer films and products from them. In addition, PM-Composite promises to occupy its niche in the production of the construction and finishing materials.

It is noted that the company "PM-Composite" was the ninth operational plant opened on the territory of the SEZ "Togliatti". This year, their check list is expected to be increased - two more production facilities are being prepared for launch, which are currently in the final stages of construction.

“The enterprise profile and the range of products of residents of the SEZ are expands significantly. It’s a positive trend. And if the automotive manufacturers were the main residents at the start, then today chemical, pharmaceutical and construction engineering clusters are also well-developed. Our object is to provide conditions for comfortable and efficient implementation of any projects in the SEZ territory and personally I think that we cope with success with this aim. The launch of the “PM-Composite” plant in test mode proves our successful cooperation and we wish prosperity and impressive production volumes to the plant”, said Sergey Andreev, Chief Officer of the Togliatti SEZ.