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В Безенчуке открылось новое производство - цех рафинации, дезодорации и фасовки подсолнечного масла


New production of sunflower oil purification, deodorizing and packaging started in Bezenchuk (Samara Region)

The new production of sunflower oil purification, deodorizing and packaging was launched on August 27, 2018 at Bezenchuk oil-extracting factory, a part of LLC «Rusagro Group of companies». This production was started by Dmitriy Azarov, the Acting Governor of the Samara Region, and by Vadim Moshkovich, the Chairman of the Board of Directors LLC «Rusagro Group of companies».

«Mechta khozyayki», «Shedroe leto», «Maslava» oil brands will be produced at that oil-extracting factory. The total investment amount in the project is 2 billion rubles (approx. 25.16 euros),146 high technological jobs have been created.

The number of employees of the factory’s test-room increased by 14 people. The quality of products is under strict control the whole production chain. The technologies that are used in the project correspond to the world standards, and all processes are automatic which improves working conditions and raises the culture of production.

New production has high capacity. About 18 thousand bottles with volume from 0.5 to 1 litre and 11 thousand bottles with volume of 2 and 5 litres of ecological pure and enriched with vitamins oil are produced per hour.

It’s important that during the production of oil is used almost 70% of sunflower grown in the Samara Region. This share is planned to be increased. Dmitiy Azarov mentioned that the development of internal recycle is one of the goals of local agricultural industry’s development. According to his words, the positive experience of cooperation with LLC «Rusagro Group of companies» makes a stable basis for the further cooperation which means new investment in local agro-industry, new jobs creation and increase in tax collection.

It should be noted, that in 2017 the Government of Samara region, administration of Bezenchuk municipal region and «Samaraagroprompererabotka» Ltd. concluded an investment memorandum in the sphere of implementation of investment project on construction a section of sunflower oil purification, deodorizing and packaging with the capacity of 300 tn. per day. The agreements on cooperation between the Samara Region Government and LLC «Rusagro Group of companies» on various aspects of the development of the agro-industrial complex, including the livestock complex, were also achieved during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in May 2018.

These issues were under the focus again during the meeting between Dmitriy Azarov and Vadim Moshkovich in Bezenchuk. The Chairman of the Board of Directors LLC «Rusagro Group of companies» mentioned that both parties are interested in continued interaction in the sphere of agricultural complex development.

It should be noted that Dmitry Azarov marked the task of attracting investments, including in the agro-industrial complex, as one of the priorities in the work of the Samara Region Government from the first days in office. Systemic work to improve the investment attractiveness of the region, reduce administrative barriers, create favorable conditions for investors has already yielded results: in the National Rating of the Investment Climate of the Russian Regions in 2018, the Samara Region rose by 17 points, showing one of the best dynamics in the country.

Source: official web-site of the Government of the Samara Region