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«Экономический прорыв. Цифровая экономика». В Самаре состоялась четвертая стратегическая сессия, где обсудили вопросы инновационного и инвестиционного развития и формирование цифровой экономики


«Economic breakthrough. Digital economy». The Fourth Strategic Session was held in Samara during which the issues of innovation and investment development and the formation of the digital economy were discussed

On August 7, 2018, Strategic Session «Economic breakthrough. Digital economy» took place on the basis of Lotte Hotel Samara. It is the fourth forum during which the experts and residents of the region offer their vision for its further development.

Currently, a new strategy for the Samara Region’s development is being elaborated. Representatives of all authorities, regional and federal experts, public figures, entrepreneurs, etc. participate in this process.

The focus is on the economic development of the region. The work is divided into three sections: «Institutes of the Investment Development: New Challenges – New Strategies. Reliance on Competitiveness», «Institutes of Innovative Development – the Factor of Upward Movement» and «Digital Economy of the Country and Region: New Reality».

The Acting Head of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov took part in the plenary session. According to him, the Samara Region faces the main challenge – to make a qualitative economic breakthrough and to become again one of the leading regions. Mr. Azarov is very positive that such strategic sessions will allow our region to find the key directions for its economy development.

The Acting Head of the region emphasized that the Samara Region has the high human, scientific and technical potential. Its gross regional product is over
1.3 trillion rubles (approx. 17.6 euros) which contributes 2% to the total GDP of all subjects of the Russian Federation.

Dmitry Azarov defined the basis for the economic breakthrough in 6 strategic directions: improvement of the investment climate, development of the innovation system, creation of a digital economy, supporting of the small and medium-sized business, increasing labor productivity and the amount of high-qualified professionals.

Scientific component is of a great importance for the «economy of the future». The platform for fundamental and applied scientific research is created in the Samara Region. Scientific development will be under the control of a new regional Agency of Science and Technology and an updated Governor’s Scientific and Technical Council.

Dmitry Azarov underlined that the important prerequisite of the technological breakthrough is the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Last week the Samara Region became a platform for discussion of the national project on supporting small and medium-sized businesses with the participation of the Maxim Oreshkin, the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

The task is to create the unified system for accelerating the SMEs' subjects through the reframe of the work of the business incubators and support organizations’ infrastructure.

Dmitry Azarov pointed out that it is necessary to create a center for the entrepreneur «My Business» in the region as part of the pilot project of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. It will be the «Entrepreneur's House», which unites infrastructure organizations, work spaces and coworkings for SMEs on the one site. It is equally important to expand the access of SMEs to the financial support. To ensure this, it is necessary to capitalize the guarantee fund of the Samara Region to 1 billion rubles (approx. 13.5 euros).

Particular proposals for the transformation of the regional economy were suggested by the federal and regional experts. For example, Yury Saprykin, Vice-President of the Foundation – Skolkovo Community, said that out of almost 200 residents of the Zhiguli Valley Technology Park there are only ten who at the same time obtained the status of residents of the Skolkovo Foundation despite the fact that this site is one of the leading technoparks in the country. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the Foundation – Skolkovo Community is to involve as many residents as possible in the fund's system and provide them with all supporting measures that it has. Yury Saprykin also added that Technopark in Togliatti will become the regional operator of Skolkovo in the nearest future. As a result, the residents of the Zhiguli Valley Technology Park will get access to the best world practices and will create new competencies in the region.

Vladimir Sitnov, Chairman of the Volga Bank of PJSC «Sberbank of Russia» in his speech focused on the so-called «new economy». According to him, the traditional sectors of the economy, such as trade, manufacturing and extractive industries, occupy the largest part in the structure of the economy of both the Samara region and Russia as a whole, but their growth rate is slowing down every year.At the same time, the world's leading economies have greatly digitized over the past few years, demand for new services and technologies is growing all over the world.

A qualitative leap both in the traditional sector of the economy and in its new digital formation is impossible without an increase in labor productivity. According to Nikolay Solomon, Director General of the «Federal Competence Center in the Sphere of Labor Productivity», the country's leaders assigned an ambitious task – to increase labor productivity by 5% by 2024.

The results of the plenary session were summed up by Dmitry Azarov: «The economic breakthrough can be achieved only as a result of multilateral interaction with the balance of interests of all its participants – the state, society, business community, local government, universities, civil society institutions. Only by joint effort we will create a competitive economy in the Samara Region, we will bring our region to a qualitatively new level of development, turn it into a territory for success, comfortable living and social well-being».

Source: the website of the Ministry of Economic Development, Investment and Trade of the Samara Region