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Agreements with the Government of the Samara Region

Investment Memorandum

At the stage when the initiator of the investment project makes a decision on starting a business in the Samara Region, it is possible to sign an investment memorandum between the Government of the Samara Region and investors implementing investment projects worth more than 650 million rubles or more.

The investment memorandum is concluded for the payback period of the investment project, but not for more than seven years.

Upon the conclusion of the investment memorandum, the Government of the Samara Region is committed to provide investors with the most favorable regime within the project implementation period, to assist in the implementation of the investment project on matters within the competence of the Government of the Samara Region.

Inclusion of the project in the list of strategic projects

The implementation of strategic investment projects in the Samara region has priority in the activities of executive bodies of the government of the Samara region.

The investment project is considered as a strategic investment project of the Samara Region after:

  • consideration of the investment project at a meeting of the working group on investment projects, the regulations on the activities and composition of which are approved by order of the Government of the Samara Region;

  • approval of the investment project by the The Investment Board formed and acting in accordance with the resolution of the Governor of the Samara region dated 05.03.2013 No. 56 "On the formation of a board on improving the investment climate in the Samara region".

The criteria that investment projects must meet, as well as the requirements that initiators of investment projects must apply to qualify for strategic investment projects in the Samara Region, are determined by the Government of the Samara Region dated November 23, 2016 No. 671.

Cooperation agreement

The cooperation agreement determines the agreement of the parties on the procedure for cooperation in the implementation of an investment project or business development in the Samara region.

The agreement determines the directions of cooperation between the parties in the manner and on the conditions provided by applicable law, within the competence of the parties in the implementation of a set of agreed measures to develop bilateral relations, including information interaction and organizational assistance to each other.