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Attraction of concessionary financing (under 6.5% corporation program)

SME Corporation

6.5% Program terms and authorized banks

Key Program conditions

  • Interest rate – 10.6% for small businesses, 9.6% - for medium businesses or for leasing companies
  • The term of preferential funding is of up to 3 years (the credit term may exceed the period of preferential funding)
  • Projects of priority sectors:
    • Agriculture/agricultural services provision
    • Processing manufacture, including food production, primary and further processing of agricultural products
    • Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water
    • Construction, transportation and communications
    • Internal tourism
    • High-tech projects6
  • Credit amount: from 167 000 euro to 16.667 million euro (total credit limit for the borrower – up to  66.667 million euro)
Authorized banks of the Corporation

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