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  • The centre of unique competencies
  • The territory of innovations
  • Investments in the heart of Russia
  • The investment climate today is the best in Russia, the same as hundred years ago
  • Region - An industrial leader

  • TOP 1
    in SME developmemt among the VFD regions

  • > 22 000
    people graduate from university annually

  • TOP 10
    in the rating of innovation regions
Higly Developed Investment Infrastructure

Special Economic Zone "Togliatti"

2 Territories of Advanced Social and Economic Development

Industrial Parks

Brownfield and Greenfield Sites

Cosmic Samara

>30% of rockets produced in the world

70% of rocket engines produced in Russia

Entire production cycle of the full range of aerospace and aviation equipment

Centre of Petrochemical Industry

Rank 2 of oil refining in Russia in terms of volume (19.5 mln ton annually)

21% of ammonia produced in Russia

9% of petrol produced in Russia

of an investment site
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Step 1.
Project concept
1. The agency supports the formation of your project concept
2. We provide information:
  • on investment potential of the Samara Region;
  • on measures of state support of investment projects;
  • on potential suppliers and consumers of products.
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Step 3.
Project structuring
1. Search for a partner, "investment offer packaging"
2. Consulting for support measures
3. Attraction of borrowed funds/receipt of guarantee support
4. Business plan development
5. Assistance in administrative procedures
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Step 4.
Project support
1. Review of the project by the Working Group under the council of investment climate improvement of the Samara Region
2. Assignment of a mentor of the investment project from the part of the executive body
3. Review of the project by the Samara Region Investment Climate Improvement Council
5. Project promotion

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Investment Map of Samara and the Samara Region, together with the Investment Portal of the Samara Region is a unique project created for the presentation of the investment potential of the Samara Region on the Internet. With its help, domestic and foreign investors, as well as other interested parties can obtain free access to relevant information on the investment, infrastructure and resource potential of the region.

In addition to the large amount of relevant information about the investment potential of the region, Investment Map of the Samara Region and Samara has convenient search tools that will help a potential investor to carry out selection of suitable sites for investments, land plots for production independently, and information layers will familiarize them with the surrounding infrastructure, allowing to estimate the distance to the railways and roads, power grids, social and cultural facilities. New entrepreneurs are able to select the appropriate infrastructure platforms for their activities and obtain the necessary government support.

The Samara Region has already been chosen by investors from more than 100 countries who use its investment potential to develop their business. We propose you to follow their success and have a look at our region using the Investment Map of Samara and the Samara Region.

Welcome to the Samara Region!

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